Your journey starts here!

Your journey starts here!

Enjoy the deep blue

Enjoy the deep blue

Two days in Sfakia is like a week somewhere else...

Two days in Sfakia is like a week somewhere else...

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

When was the last time  you did something for the first time?
Welcome to Notos Mare

Looking for a diving adventure? Or do you prefer a cruise to an exotic destination just to chill out on? Maybe you want to be more adventurous and rent a boat to discover the southernmost part of Europe on your own? Why not catch your own fish for dinner, while enjoying the wild beauty of the island?

After all these excursions on the water, just sit back and enjoy the sunset over the mountains from our diving center located in the port of Sfakia. We have a full service cafe at the diving center, offering a great range of coffees and cold beverages. If you need a snack, we have you covered with toasts, sfakian pancakes, greek yogurt with fruit or ice creams.

If the amazing surroundings made you lose track of time and miss the ferry, we are here to give you a lift to wherever you would like to go: from the nearby Loutro beach to the wild island of Gavdos, our taxi boat services are available for you 24/7.

Safety comes first, that's why we service the area’s rescue boat. Whenever there is any type of physical or mental medical emergency we are called and one of us must take off to bring the sick or injured to safety so they can receive proper medical attention. So do not wonder if you are a guest of ours and you see one of us zip off to their aid.

Whatever your interests are, Notos Mare has so much to offer that no minute of your holiday time will be wasted and all that in one of the nicest and not overly developed surroundings in the world!
Simply put, just have fun.



Taxi Boat

Our taxi boat services are available 24/7, either to take you to your destination or pick you up from your starting point offering you a punctual and reliable service. 
Depending on ...

Diving (A to Z)

Crete’s wild and rugged landscape flows from the mountains to the coast and from there under water, to create a varied and remarkable marine landscape, which continually changes with the shiftin...

Boat Trips

We offer a variety of day excursions upon one of our boats. These trips are individually tailored to amazing destinations. Anything you can dream of or have wished for can be arranged- from a fu...

Rent a Boat

Do you want to discover all the amazing beaches on the south on your own? Then just rent one of our boats and ride the waves!

"But I do not have a boat licence, how can I rent a boat?"

Boat Parking

Our idea of a full-service boat parking and maintenance service in Sfakia, “where the mountains meet the sea and the road stops“, is to support weekend boat owners and help to extend their holid...

Game Fishing

Have you always wanted to go fishing but never had the chance to do so yet? Is it one of your favourite hobbies? Want to try something that you have never done before? Let's go for some fish...

Underwater Constructions

You are on vacation with your own boat, swimming in the Sfakian deep blue waters. But it's time to leave and suddenly you realise that your anker is stuck. Or even worse: your propeller has ...

Come to Us

You can find us at:

Notos Mare - Marine Adventures
Chora Sfakion Port
73011 Chania

Damulis S. Tsirintanis
tel: +30 694 72 70 106
email: damulis [at]

Any qestions? Do not hesitate to contact us!


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