Try Scuba Diving

 Wondering what it’s like to breathe underwater? Want to discover the fascinating underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea that thousands of divers across the world dream of?

The Try Scuba Diving (TSD) program lets beginners experience the unforgettable experience of a real dive, safely next to one of the certified and experienced diving instructors (SSI Instructor) of Notos Mare Diving Centre.

What is included?
The program begins with a simple and brief theoretical introduction to the scuba equipment and the fundamentals of diving, which will de-bunk all the myths surrounding it.

Let’s GO DIVE!
Your in-water experience will begin in shallow and confined water, where we will practice some exercises to boost your confidence and comfort in the water. You are ready and prepared to explore an exciting new world.

Always accompanied by your instructor, swim through the crystal waters of the Libyan Sea, at whatever depth feels comfortable for you and of course, meet and interact with the rich and varied marine life in our dive sites.

After you finish the program, you will get recognition for participating and completing the DSD program. You can also register with the global SSI Scuba Community.

Who can participate?
The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (SSI) has developed the Discover Scuba Diving program so that anyone in good health can participate.

What do I need to bring with me?
Your love for the sea, your swimsuit and a towel. A hat, sunglasses and sun protection is always recommended in Crete.

Those who chose to progress after completing the Try Scuba Diving program to the globally recognised SSI Open Water Diver certification, will receive a discount (equivalent to the full SSI programme cost) off the SSI course.

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