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Crete’s wild and rugged landscape flows from the mountains to the coast and from there under water, to create a varied and remarkable marine landscape, which continually changes with the shifting of the sands. Gorges, caves and rocks, sometimes reaching down to 75 meters are very common. The many species of fish are particularly impressive. Don’t be surprised to swim alongside groupers, morays, slipper lobsters and barracudas as well as many other sea inhabitants. When we organise our structured diving trips with you, we ensure we respect the marine fauna and flora, which help make our dives so beautiful. The area is well known for its crystal clear waters with visibility of up to 40 meters, we can offer dives of between 10 to 40 meters. The water temperature varies according to the season but typically you can enjoy the following sea climate:

Here at Notos Mare we offer a range of unique and memorable dives in the fascinating underwater world of the Libyan Sea, designed to suit you. These include:

Deep dives

The opportunity to go down to 40-50 meters, for divers able to prove some experience of diving to those depths.

Night dives

An amazing adventure that gives you the chance to see creatures which hide by day but come out at night to feed. Intensified by your flashlights the bright colours of the wonderful sea life will amaze you.

Wreck dives

The sea is home to many boat shipwrecks s. These dives let you explore derelict ships now the home to sea creatures and fauna.

Gorge and Cave dives

enter the underwater world of stalagmites and stalactites on one of our cave dives, and experience a fascinating landscape only accessible underwater.

Diving excursions

Available on request, we can arrange diving trips to the neighbouring islands of Gavdos and Gavdopoula. In good weather it takes an hour and a half to reach them. You are welcome to bring non-divers with you on these trips.

‘Jump in the water’

If you are a qualified diver and keen to explore on your own, try this dive which includes basic equipment, a regulator, tank and insurance.


For those who prefer to remain on the surface of the water, we offer snorkeling instruction which lets you glimpse the world that exists beneath the sea. Discover remote and private beaches only accessible by sea. We can arrange camping and barbeque trips to places off the beaten track where you can enjoy privacy, peace and quiet. All our dives are in small groups of no more than six people, allowing us to give you individual attention and ensure your wellbeing. Usually groups travel to the starting point of our diving tours in one of our three boats, depending on the group size and locations of the dive spot. In poor weather conditions or, occasionally, with beginners we travel to the dive spot by road, driving cross-country in one of our two spacious Pajero jeeps, suitable for carrying both passengers and equipment.

Our boats

Our boat diving tours start from either a 5.5m, a 7.5m or a 10m boat, large enough to accommodate several passengers and divers.


If you don’t want to bring your own equipment, hiring it at the fully equipped diving centre is easy. Here you will find suits, dive tanks, fins and other items in all sizes, ensuring you dive in comfort and safety. We use Scubapro equipment. Our dive tanks are made from steel and range from 6 ltr to 15 ltr capacity. The Bauer compressor fills these up to a 200 bar pressure.

Decompression Chamber

We can offer you peace of mind. There is a modern decompression chamber only an hour’s drive away or a quick helicopter transfer in Souda Bay at Chania.

Sea Ambulance

Notos Mare Diving Centre also provides the local sea ambulance service ensuring any transfer for medical treatment can be speedy and as safe as possible.

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