Open Water Divers +  

Sweet Water Beach

Minimum certification level:
Open Water level (divers staying in the shallow part of the reef) or Advanced Open Water level (divers wanting to go down 30 meters)

Maximum depth:
3 meters to 30 meters, depending on certification held

Average visibility:
up to 40 meters

Group size:
2-4 divers

only accessible by boat, anchoring at 3 meters, sometimes there is a small current

The reef starts about half a nautical mile from the Sweet Water beach. Open water divers can explore the shallow part of the reef, which is teeming with small Mediterranean fishes, darting through discarded pottery on the sea floor. Advanced open water divers wanting to view the grouper drop-offs can dive to 30 meters, where curious giant grouper fish will greet them. When there are around 100 bars in the tank we start our way back up to the shallow part of the reef for decompression. As we rise up and near the top of the reef you can enjoy the sea life you will attract. Watch them swim in and out of the small holes they play through in the reef before returning to the surface. 

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