Open Water Divers +  

Timios Stavros

Minimum certification level:
Experienced Open Water level

Maximum depth:
38 meters

Average visibility:
30+ meters

Group size:
Maximum of 4 divers.

Only accessible by boat. Anchoring at 3 meters.

This half reef starts from the shore very close to Loutro under the church of Timios Stavros. Here we anchor in its small bay and after a briefing we start our dive from shallow water. We can go deeper if we chose, depending on the experience of those on the dive. A very special dive, this one gives you the feeling of floating above a sunken island with many huge rocks and little caves you can dive into and explore. In the deepest part of this dive at around 38 meters you are likely to meet hunting sea life such as barracudas and large red snappers, in the sand. Remember to bring a torch with you so you can peer into the little crevices and holes, where you will be surprised by what you see. Bear crabs and lobsters are common sights on this dive. 

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