Car & boat parking

Our idea of a full-service car and boat parking along with maintenance service in Sfakia, “where the mountains meet the sea and the road stops“, is to support weekend boat owners and help to extend their holidays to the maximum. By maximum we mean you can call us the same day that you decide to enjoy your boat and when you arrive at the port of Sfakia everything is done for you; your boat is filled up with gas and water, washed, launched and is waiting for you in the sea. What this means to you is that you save time and money by not having to bring your boat by trailer each time you visit southwest Crete. You do not have to bother or risk the transport over the mountains and it helps you save a lot of fuel (because you can use perhaps a much smaller car or even your bike). Of course it is much more convenient to leave it and not bring it back and forth, while someone else cares for it as well! We try to make it as easy for you as possible.


In our 7000 square meters parking area with covered storage your boat can even stay with us over the winter – there is nothing you have to worry about! We start the boats every month so that the engines do not remain still for to long.

The facilities at the moment are: 32 covered boat storage places and about 100 outdoor trailer storage parking spots.


Included Services:

Only for boats in enclosed parking spaces:

Your boat in and out of the sea 1 time per month, free of charge.

Every additional time is 18€ for up to 8 meter size boats. Boats from 9 to 12 meters are 30€.

Before and after refreshes, if needed, of boat, trailer and engine with fresh water.


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Extra Services:

  • Boat wash

  • Boat hull cleaning

  • Boat polish

  • Organize your boat deck

  • Small repairs up to entire rebuilds

  • Trailer Service

  • Towing of your boat in case of emergency

  • Boat cover repair

Parking spaces for cars
Parking spaces for boats