Diving in Crete!

Is it your first time trying scuba diving? Or are you already a qualified diver? Whichever the case, the crystal clear south coast waters will definitely leave you impressed! Our dive center is the ideal location for you to get started!

Crete’s wild and rugged landscape flows from the mountains to the coast and from there under water, to create a varied and remarkable marine landscape, which continually changes with the shifting of the sands. Gorges, caves and rocks, sometimes reaching down to 75 meters are very common. The many species of fish are particularly impressive. Don’t be surprised to swim alongside groupers, morays, slipper lobsters and barracudas as well as many other sea inhabitants. When we organise our structured diving trips with you, we ensure we respect the marine fauna and flora, which help make our dives so beautiful. The area is well known for its crystal clear waters with visibility of up to 40 meters, we can offer dives at depths between 10 and 40 meters depending on your experience

Check out our different options for exploring the underwater world, depending on your diving experience: are you just starting? Then you might like to try Scuba Diving or snorkeling with us!  If you already have a diving qualification then you could join us on an Open Water or Cave dive! The options are many so don´t lose time and get in touch with us for further details!

Please note: all our dive sessions take place from our base and dive centre in Chora Sfakion (Sfakia) on the south coast of Chania.